Transform and Roll Out Trash!

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Angela M. Littlejohn
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We homeschool, but reside in the West Plains R-7 School District
Littlejohn Homeschool
Littlejohn Residence
1301 W. Third Street
65775 West Plains , MO

As the children brainstormed ideas for this project they talked about things they were interested in and about protecting our earth and keeping it clean and free of trash. Transformers naturally came to mind. In the Transformers story their main purpose is to serve and protect the Earth. They are the Earth's guardians. Although our kids have only seen the older animated versions of Transformers they, especially our boys, are huge fans. They decided they wanted to make their trashcan into a Transformer. Our second oldest son Gideon, who is in third grade, is the one who came up with our litter prevention message - Transform and Roll Out 8 Reales from Guatemala Countermarked with YII ! Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobot Transformers, always tells the others to "tranform and roll out" when they have a mission. Our Trashcan Transformer's Mission is to "Roll out Trash!" We saved the things we usually put in our city recycle bins for several weeks and then spread them all over the kitchen floor and let the kids go to work. Dad and Mom assisted as needed with spray paint and hot glue. Younger sister Joanna, age 3, assisted in spreading materials everywhere. :) Except for the dustpan shoulder pads and the broom, all of the various materials are recycled. Our Transformer has been placed in the Children's (29:11)Building of First Baptist Church, West Plains, where we attend.

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Littlejohn Siblings
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