Trash Creates A Disturbance In the Force!

Teacher Name: 
Laura McDonald/Robin Wilson
School District: 
Trenton R-IX
S.M. Rissler Elementary School
801 W. 4th Terrace
64683 Trenton , MO

The group decided to create the character of R2-D2 with their trash can because the Star Wars 3-D movie is out. The students used foil and construction paper from the Art Room scrap box to create the details. They used chicken wire to form the head, then covered it with foil paper and added the details from scrap paper. For the legs, they salvaged scrap board from the maintenance shed materials at the school. The boards were painted and then screwed to the trash can with help from a parent. They wanted R2-D2 to move, so they put the can on a set of casters. The students are going to “introduce” R2-D2 to each classroom by wheeling him in and making the noises that the robot makes in the movies. The theme slogan they are using with the can is “Trash Creates A Disturbance In the Force!” The can will sit in the main lobby of the school building, in front of a space mural.

Grade Range: 
S.M. Rissler Elementary Student Council
Number of Participants: