Teacher Name: 
Karen Blevins
School District: 
Osage Middle School
Main Street
65401 Lake Ozark , MO

According to teacher Karen Blevins, the seven participating students were inspired by the 75th anniversary of the game Monopoly. They created a No MOre Trash! version called Trashopoly with Mr. Monopoly front and center holding a No MOre Trash! pencil as his cane. A replica of stops from the original game board wraps around the top of the can with local street names replacing original locations. Additional images of Mr. Monopoly, along with game pieces made from recycled poster board, promote the No MOre Trash! theme. Monopoly money decorates the top of the can. The can is on display in the teachers’ lounge to collect soda cans from the vending machine. The cans will be recycled to help pay for uniforms for the schools’ Special Olympics participants.

Grade Range: 
Eighth Grade Gifted Students Class
Number of Participants: