Trashy Pigs Make Me Angry

Teacher Name: 
Carol McCloud
School District: 
Bosworth RV
Bosworth RV
Bosworth RV
102 East Eldridge
64623 Bosworth , MO

Every student in the 7th/8th grade Conservation Class had to present a design and description of their idea to the class. By popular vote, the class chose three designs. The Conservation class at Bosworth RV has adopted the city's drainage ditch and used a variety of items, found during the ditch clean-up, in the construction of their trash cans. After construction was complete, the entire school, students/faculty/staff, voted on which project to submit for competition.
The winning, "Angry Bird," trash can was constructed using a 30 gallon barrel, also salvaged from the ditch, as the pig base. It was painted with old paint that was mixed together. The bird was made by paper macheing over the top of one of the custodians bags of trash. Once dry, the bird body was cut open and the trash removed so the bird was hollow. The top of the trash bag was left in tact to create the bird's comb and serves at the lid for the trash can. The trash falls through the bird and into a trash bag in the pig base. The beak was made out of an old drinking cup, also found in the ditch clean-up. The bird's tail is made from feathers out of an old feather duster that had been thrown away.
The paper mache was made from old newspapers out of the school library and flour that had been swept from a student's kitchen floor after a bad spill. The paint used on the bird was craft paint, left-over from various classroom projects and donated by teachers. Even though the class created three trashcans (due to the size of the class and a 3-way tie in the design voting), every student had a part in the construction all three and all trashcans are in use in the school's building. They were all great ideas which is why we ask all faculty and staff of the school to help us decide which one to submit.
The only assistance the students received on this project was when they discovered the paper mache was too hard to cut with hand tools. The teacher used a power jig saw to cut the hole in the bottom of the bird for the trash to drop through into the barrel.

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Missouri Conservation
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