We’re Not Alone…Help Clean Our Home

Teacher Name: 
Ms. Barbara Walsh
School District: 
El Dorado Springs R-2 Schools
El Dorado Springs Middle School
901 S. Grand
64744 El Dorado Springs , MO

Our 6th and 7th grade gifted class chose an extra-terrestrial theme. We have a paper mache Earth with an alien flying over it. Our quote says, “We’re Not Alone….. Help Clean Our Home.”

For the Earth, we used chicken wire and recycled newspaper. The Earth model is built around a used trash can. We painted everything with donated paint and made the continents with recycled 3M. The UFO was made out of recycled home insulation, covered with recycled silver 3M. For rocket boosters, we used pie tins under the UFO. For buttons, we used pop bottle lids. The alien’s body was made with a box and pop bottles. We used a balloon and paper mache for the head, and 3M for the facial features. The sign was made out of recycled cardboard covered in 3M. It will be on display in the hallway by the middle school cafeteria.

Grade Range: 
6th and 7th Grade Gifted Class
Number of Participants: