Where's the Trash Can?

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Karen Blevins
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School of the Osage
School of the Osage Middle School
Osage Middle School
635 HWY 42
65065 Osage Beach , MO

Our inspiration for the contest entry was the 25th Anniversary of the Where's Waldo books. The separate scenes on the trash can were divided by thick, black lines which were inspired by a recent art unit of study in our GATES class (the painting Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow by Piet Mondrian). There are several elements from the Where's Waldo collection: Waldo postcard scenes, trash-throwing Waldos and Wendas, and the red, blue, and white stripes. There are several recyclable materials including buttons, ribbons, candy, candy wrappers, scrap paper, and artificial flowers from an old Lei. We have included the 25th Anniversary logo for Waldo and the 75th Anniversary logo for the MO Dept. of Conservation at the top. Each scene has modified a famous quote or phrase to fit the no littering theme. Note the space scene: It says "Missouri, we have a problem. . . littering." Waldo is shown with a space helmet. Note the beach scene: It says "Splish, splash, I was picking up trash." Waldo is shown with a fishing pole with trash on the hook. Note the clock scene: It says "There is always time to throw away your trash." Waldo is shown with a dangling pocket watch. The students who worked on the project, along with their sponsor, have their own "bobble head" on a Wenda at the bottom. It says "Where's . . . Audrey?", etc. Each girl is throwing away trash into a trash can labeled with the No MOre Trash logo. This trash can will be located and used as an actual trash can in the middle school commons. That area connects the main academic halls to the lunch room, gyms, and music rooms. There is currently no easy access to a trash can as students travel to classes in that section of the building.

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