Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter Free

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Sarah Thompson
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School District: 
Saint Brendan School
Saint Brendan School
620 South Clark
65265 Mexico , MO

Saint Brendan School Fourth Grade Art Class members each drew several trash can plans, then the class voted on the entries until they decided on this one. We purchased a galvanized 30 gallon trash can and the students working together with each person getting at least two turns at painting during their twice weekly Art Class, primed the can, then painted the patchwork design. They traced and painted the letters for the motto "No MOre Trash" on both the front and back and for this year's theme "Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter Free" on the top. They were very proud of their accomplishment and all stated the importance of picking up trash to help keep our state clean. The trash can is currently on display at the Audrain County Library in Mexico for the month of March, then it will be moved to the Saint Brendan School Playground/parking lot on a busily traveled street in town for public display and use to help keep our school/town litter free.

Grade Range: 
Fourth Grade Art Class
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