You don't THneed to throw away!

Teacher Name: 
Christele Marsh
School District: 
Kansas City
Academie Lafayette
6903 Oak Street
64113 Kansas City , MO

 This project was entirely done by the Green team before school or during recess. Students came up with the idea of the Lorax because the book has been an inspiration in their childhood and continues to inspire them. Students painted and decorated the trash can using their own ideas. The head of the Lorax was made from paper mache using recycled paper. The project is in one of the main hallway of the school so that everyone can see it and gets inspired to reuse and recycle. Students of the Green Team will give their time to pick up trash on the playground and many work at the Nature Center. They are passionate about the environment and they are very excited to be part of this context. This was a great team bonding activity!

Grade Range: 
Green Team
Number of Participants: