Don't Be Trashy, Be Classy!

Teacher Name: 
Valerie Walker
Classy Carriage Can project
Classy Carriage Can group
School District: 
Festus R 6
Festus Middle School
Festus Middle School
1717 West Main St
63028 Festus , MO

Each year our 8th graders, aproximately 65 students, enjoy competing in the No MOre Trash contest.  Students brainstorm and we choose the most creative ideas and work in groups.  They plan and execute everything: construction of relief components, plaster coverage, painting and adding-on recyclables.  Finally, they must complete project evaluations and "lobby" for the teachers' vote. They temporarliy become a school-wide display that everyone enjoys, before being relocated to their permanent placement throughout our building.  This year's submission is a carriage can, made with old fabric cutting boards, plaster, scrap fabric and medicine lids.  

Grade Range: 
8th grade art
Number of Participants: