Turn the Lights Out On Trash!

Teacher Name: 
Ms. Justine Gorrell
School District: 
Malta Bend R-V
Malta Bend R-V School
Malta Bend School
200 S. Linn St.
65339 Malta Bend , MO

After watching the movie WALL-E, the 7th grade students discussed ways we could keep our planet from becoming the uninhabitable Earth in the movie. We talked about how some plastics, stryofoam, etc. could be around Earth for billions of years and even end up in outer space someday. They really wanted to do an outer space theme portraying how trash can last forever using neon and glow-in-the-dark colors! They chose the theme "Turn the lights out on trash" to show that just because the earth may look clean, there is hidden trash all over our planet. When the lights are on, the trash is invisible and the galaxy looks clean, but when the blacklight is turned on all the trash that is hidden can be seen. They really enjoyed this contest and worked VERY hard and are very proud of their trash can! 

Grade Range: 
7th grade Art
Number of Participants: