Fight Like Pirates For A Litter Free Life

Teacher Name: 
Ms. Valerie Signaigo and Ms. Chris Pagano
Pirate Ship and Logo Close-Up
Full Size Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship with Student Helpers
School District: 
Perry County School District #32
Perryville Elementary School
Perryville Elementary School
326 College Street
63775 Perryville , MO

Our slogan, “Fight Like Pirates for a Litter Free Life,” integrates our school's mascot and annual theme (It’s a good day to be a pirate) with the MDC and MoDot No More Trash contest requirements.

Our mascot, the Perryville Pirate, is a strong and positive character that conveys a very important message about eliminating litter while suggesting that viewers commit to leading a litter free life.

For students this means practicing the good habits of throwing trash away and supporting others who join the fight for a clean planet.

The focal point, a pirate ship created around  a trash can, communicates a fun way to collect trash while drawing the attention of the school community and its visitors as they proceed through the front entryway.

We made our ship from recycled cardboard and reused plastic bags to stuff the pirate. We recycled folders we used in the art classroom to contain student artwork for the ocean waves and the mast was a recycled pvc pipe used for another sculpture project. The newspaper, water bottles and egg cartons inside the ship represent our school's effort in upcyclying recylable items throughout our school community and in the art classroom.

Grade Range: 
4th Grade Art Class
Number of Participants: