We Arrgh Fishing For Litter

Teacher Name: 
Julia McDonald
School District: 
Gasconade County R-I
Hermann Elementary
Hermann Elementary
328 West 7th Street
65041 Hermann , MO

Our school participates in school wide leadership. These 21 students have selected to be green leaders working together 25 minutes twice a month to promote recycling and a healthy school and community. They have worked hard this year to start a recycling program in our lunch room and classrooms and decided to participate in the No MOre Trash program to promote a litter free area. These K-2 students chose to turn their trashcan into a pirate ship. They thought many students in our building like pirate ships and it would get them thinking more about recycling and to stop littering. They worked very hard in the small increments of time we had and are very proud of their work!

Grade Range: 
Green Leadership Group
Number of Participants: