No MORE Trash Means a Better Ellie’s Garden

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Mrs. Zoellner/Mr. Cullen/Mrs. Martin
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No MORE Trash Means a Better Ellie’s  Garden
No MORE Trash Means a Better Ellie’s  Garden
School District: 
ft. zumwalt arch diocese St. Louis
Assumption School
203 W 3rd St
63366 O'Fallon , MO

Mrs. Zoellner’s Class, with the help of STEM Teacher Jennifer Martin using engineering curriculum, & Science Teacher Mr. Cullen using Nature Unfolds curriculum developed their No  More Trash submission.

The class of 26 students using engineering process identified:

Why trash is a problem.

Brainstormed where it is a problem -many location-Ellie’s Garden, Playground, etc.

The brainstorming led to each student designing and coming up with blue print for the

No More Trash Can.

After reviewing many of the blueprints the class with Mr. Cullen’s guidance decided to focus on Ellie’s Garden as their theme for can.

In Nature Unfolds they have been studying life cycles of many things and learned how important it is to keep the land NO MORE Trash to help plants grow. They have been working with the community Ellie’s Garden to not only keep the land free of trash but learning how important natural and organic plants are for the earth.

The end Design is The NO More Trash Nature Unfolds Ellie’s Garden=Rows of vegetables planted in garden surrounded by Ellie’s Favorite=butterflies!


Grade Range: 
First Grade Nature Unfolds Class
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