Yes I Can Recycle It

Teacher Name: 
Rebecca Turner
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School District: 
Arcadia Valley R2
Arcadia Valley Middle School
Arcadia Valley Middle School
520 Park Drive
63650 Ironton , MO

The students joined together to create their version of Wreck It Ralph and Fix it Felix.  While developing their ideas, the students thought of the roles the two Disney characters portray.  Ralph is a large guy who like to destroy things and make a mess, much like the people who litter our roads and state parks.  Felix is a loving caring person who is always going behind Ralph to clean up.  Therefore, Felix represents the MO Dot workers, conservationist, park rangers, and numerous other citizens of Missouri who help to keep our roads and parks clean.  The slogan they developed, Yes I Can, Recycle It, is encouraging to not only Ralph (the mess maker) but also other Missouri citizens and tourist.   As a joint effort the students paper mached the famous Disney characters using recycled newspaper, soda cans, medicine cups and chicken wire.  Once the form was established the students mixed their own paint and began to add detail to the guys.  As a final presentation, Ralph and Felix are joined together to pick up trash as a team. 

Grade Range: 
Middle School Art
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