Dogwood Tree and the Bumble Bees

Teacher Name: 
Clint Brinkley
A view of our student group around our trash can.
A view of the front and top of our trash can.
A view of our slogan, "Litter is trashy, leaf it in the can!!!"
School District: 
Southern Boone School District
Southern Boone Elementary School
Southern Boone Elementary
809 Henry Clay Blvd
65010 Ashland , MO

Dogwood Tree and the Bumble Bees resulted from a small group of one fifth grade class wanting to help keep their community clean. Originally two ideas - a giant flower with a giant bee, and a tree - we combined the two into our final product, a flowering dogwood with bees exploring it's branches for flowers. Materials used include:

  • Paint (Brown, green, yellow, black)
  • Cardboard paper towel tubes
  • Straws
  • Construction paper (green)
  • Cotton balls
  • Faux craft flowers

This project was completed over the course of several weeks by meeting 2-4 times a week for 30 minute work sessions.

Grade Range: 
Ms. Weter's 5th Grade Class
Number of Participants: