"Box"up your recyclables, Missouri's State Reptile: 3-toed Box Turtle

Teacher Name: 
Gail Forsyth
School District: 
Waynesville R-VI School District
East Elementary
East Elementary
1501 State Route F
65583 Waynesville , MO

Our recycle club chose to decorate our trash can as a Three-Toed Box Turtle, Missouri's state reptile.  He really is made out of a box; a box that fits down over the trash can with the bottom removed. His shell is made from individual pizza slice containers, with the outer edge made from hot drink sleeves.  His legs are made from an old sheet, and stuffed with shredded paper. His toe claws are made from a plastic milk jug.  After decorating our trash can, the students created posters with the computer program, KidPix. We had a lot of fun, but at times everyone was sad as we learned more of how trash is harming our animals and world. 

Grade Range: 
Second Grade Recycle Club
Number of Participants: