No MOre Trash or No More Fishing

Teacher Name: 
Sheila Freeland
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School District: 
Butler County
H.O.U.S.E. Homeschool Group
The Bread Shed Community Building
203 N. D Street
63901 Poplar Bluff , MO

Our Homeschool class chose to create a trash can the represents the harm trash has on our riverways. The fish are jumping out of the poluted water and protesting that there won't be any fishing if people keep on throwing out their trash. They created the Missouri fish (bluegill, carp, and blue catfish) using paper maché clay and then painting. They also created a box turtle that was damaged by soda rings using the same technique with paper maché clay. They used recyclables by using actual trash to decorate their can. It is proudly on display at Black River Coliseum Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Grade Range: 
Homeschool Group 4th & 5th grades
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