Would you like a drink of Mice Water?

Teacher Name: 
Sheila Freeland
Teacher email: 
School District: 
Butler County
H.O.U.S.E. Homeschool Group
The Bread Shed Community Building
203 N. D Street
63901 Poplar Bluff , MO

The Homeschool group decided to make a refreshing glass of Mice Water. The mice are advertising for everyone to have a glass of their water. They created the mice using the technique of paper maché clay and painting. The glass sits on a napkin. They used actual trash to help decorate their can. The straw is constructed of a pvc pipe. They really enjoyed making this. It is proudly displayed at the US Forest Services Ranger Station in Poplar Bluff.

Grade Range: 
Homeschool Group 6th-8th grades
Number of Participants: