Keep The Environment the Way Mother Nature Planned It - Trash Free

Teacher Name: 
Mary Holterman
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School District: 
Fatima RII
Holy Family Catholic School
Oliver Street
Oliver Street
65035 Freeburg , MO

Rusty trash can was given to class from the Holy Family Parish grounds to restore it to an eye catching opportunity for all to throw in or pick up any litter.   It was sanded but not painted with correct metal paints.   The class painted it all green with interior paint.   They came back the next week and started painted the sun which faded to blue.   Lesson learnedf to use appropriate paint not what is available.  It was then sanded back down and treated with metal paints.   Each child determined what they wanted to put on the trash can to come up with Mother Nature’s finest!   They practiced drawing the weeks before importing on can.  The can will be clear coated with a protective coating by a local auto collision person. ​


Grade Range: 
6th Grade Art Class
Number of Participants: