Star wars Helmet Theme and quote: "May the Recycling Be With You"

Teacher Name: 
Jami Heflin
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School District: 
Central R3
West Elemnetary School
West Elementary School Art Room
403 W. Fite Street
63601 Elvins , MO

I teach 3rd-5th grade art, and the gifted program. I took my gifted students out to do a nature walk around our school and we were appalled by the amout of trash we saw so we turned around and went back in the school, got a trash bag and put on gloves and we picked up trash all around our school. We had enough to fill up the bag! We talked about how littering is so bad for our environment and for animals. Then I got tagged in fb for this contest and I thought it was a perfect to incorporate into our lesson. The students came up with the Stormtrooper theme, and designed it completely themsleves. They really enjoyed learning about helping the enviromnets and about ways we can help. 

Grade Range: 
Pegasus and their 3rd Grade Classmates
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