No MOre Trash Today, Means a Cleaner Earth Tomorrow!

Teacher Name: 
Toni Grimes & Jan Haffer
The students at Garrett School want Missouri to be litter-free!
No MOre Trash Today, Means a Cleaner Earth Tomorrow!
Let's protect our environment by picking up trash!
School District: 
Hazelwood School District
Garrett Elementary School
Garrett School, Ville Rosa (Neighborhood School)
1400 Ville Rosa Lane
63042 Hazelwood , MO

Our full slogan is "Begin with the End in Mind - No MOre Trash Today, Means a Cleaner Earth Tomorrow!"  We are a Leader & Me School and "Begin with the End in Mind" is one of our leadership habits.  We teach our students to set goals.  One of our goals with this project was to bring more awareness to the littering problem in Missouri.  We also wanted to incorporate items from trash cans/recycling bins into our project.  We thought this would be a great way to add texture to the trunk of our tree.  It also allowed us to reuse and recycle what would have otherwise been trash.  We entered the contest under the 3-5 category since our students range from 1st grade to 5th grade.  We had fun with this service project!  It really got our students, and even our staff, talking about picking up trash.  Thank you!

Grade Range: 
Garrett Student Council, Grades 1-5
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