Newburg Children's Museum's Think Before You Trash

Teacher Name: 
Nancy Allen
School District: 
Newburg R-II
Newburg Elementary
Newburg Children's Museum
Water Street
65550 Newburg , MO

During the Thursday, March 10th After School Program at the Newburg Children's Musuem, Newburg Elementary School children spent time learning about recycling, trash, and how it impacts our world; specifically the ocean.  Our Museum mascot, Pudgy the Beluga whale, now swims over the ocean creature-themed trash can.  Pictures of litter-damaged sea creatures along with healthy sea creatures decorate the sides of the can.  We have a recycling bin next to it to encourage recycling.  Our trash can and recycling bin were both 'recycled' from out of the trash!!  Our hope is that people will see our display when visiting the Museum and think more about trash and how they can individually help reduce the amount produced and stop littering.  We had a great time working on the project - thank you!!

Grade Range: 
Thursday After School Program
Number of Participants: