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Mrs. Hare
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'toad'ally no more trash!
'toad'ally no more trash!
'toad'ally no more trash!
School District: 
Santa Fe R-X School District
Santa Fe R-X School District
Santa Fe Jr/Sr High School
108 N. Chiefs
64001 Alma , MO

Our class started the project by brainstorming ideas. After narrowing down the choices, a vote was taken and we have chosen 'TOAD'ally No More Trash as our project. We have used as many recycled materials as possible! The empty 55 gallon trash can was donated by the school maintanance department instead of going into the local landfill. The board used for the base was scrap wood from a students farm. The school's Ag Shop students cut the board to our specifications for us! The paper mache toad was constructed from recycled newspapers. The trash can is a collage made from recycled Missouri Conservationist magazines. We used scrap paper and paint to complete the project. We are excited about entering the contest and placing our trash can out at school to encourage others not to litter!

Grade Range: 
7th grade Science Enrichment Class
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