Pick it up, clean it up, put it inside....Keep Missouri beautiful and blooming with Pride!

Teacher Name: 
Rose Branson
Hermann Middle School photo 1
Hermann Middle School photo 2
Hermann Middle School photo 3
School District: 
Gasconade County R-1 School District
Hermann Middle School
Hermann Middle School
170 Blue Pride Drive
65041 Hermann , MO

The trash can was donated by Loutre Market Grocery Store (Erik and Melanie Palladino).  

*  Flowers were created by upcycling aluminum soda cans.

* The centers of the flowers along with the leaves were made of plastic craft sheets which were collected by a parent (she found them discarded at a local garage sale).

* Dowel rods for the flower stems were found outside a dumpster of a factory that was going out of business.

* The green grass was upcycled from astroturf  previously used in decking of a classroom trailer.

* Tissue paper sun was created by a local florist who was discarding the window display.

*Bugs were created from pipe cleaners from donated supplies for summer school classes in the past.

Grade Range: 
Fourth and Fifth grade
Number of Participants: