Don't Be A Litterbug - RECYCLE!

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Megan Pollard
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Don't Be A Litterbug - RECYCLE!
Macon Elementary Student Council - Don't Be A Litterbug - RECYCLE!
Macon Elementary Student Council & Sponsors - Don't Be A Litterbug - RECYCLE!
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Macon R-I
Macon R-I Elementary
Macon R-I Elementary
702 N. Missouri
63552 Macon , MO

The Macon Elementary Student Council, located in Macon, Missouri, was very excited to submit an entry for the trash can contest. This is the third year for the Elementary Student Council. The very first project the Student Council worked on was implementing a recycling program in the elementary. This program works in conjunction with Diversified Industries of Macon. Each room in the elementary has a recycling box for paper. Everyday Student Council representatives collect the recycled paper, bag it up, and leave it in a designated location to be picked up for treatment. This has been a very successful project and has greatly reduced the amount of trash, while bettering the Earth. For the trash can contest, each Student Council representative suggested different themes for the trash can. Ultimately, the students decided to go with the theme, “Don’t be a litterbug – RECYCLE!” The trash can is decorated as a ladybug. All the Student Council representatives worked hard to design and construct the ladybug trashcan. Since the implementation of the recycling program by Macon Elementary Student Council, students, faculty, staff, and even guests of our school are working hard to not be a litterbug and to help the environment by recycling!

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Macon Elementary Student Council
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